Tips For First Time Buyers

Are you a keen investor who is ready to buy his/her first home? If yes, then, Investors Clinic is here to help you out in making a wise decision while buying your first dream home. We provide valuable tips and the steps you should take to make your dream come true.


First and the foremost step for a first time home buyer is to make sure that your credit score appeals to a lender. If your credit history is more than what is required, then you can easily impress upon the financial institution or banks so as to get a property loan.


Apart from a good credit score, there are several other parameters that are required to make a final decision. These are: 

  • Combined Annual income
  • Other Monthly obligations
  • Cash For Down Payment


After figuring out your financial backings and requirements, now the role of Investors Clinic come into focus wherein we help you in preparing a wish list of your dream property in order of priority. These are: 

  • Property size, type and configuration
  • Fully furnished/ semi-furnished
  • Safe, quiet neighborhood
  • Close to city, work, school and other basic amenities/facilities
  • Good investment with excellent resale potential
  • Affordable property taxes
  • Finished basement for office or guest room
  • No threat of commercial encroachment
  • Close to public transportation

It is very important to note that when you actually start looking at houses, this information plays an important factor to a real-estate agent like ours as they then match your requirements to available houses in your preferred localities.


After zeroing in on any property, now it’s time to check whether it falls in your pocket or not i.e. the affordability factor. This is a big question that you as a buyer will have to ask yourself and then make an honest decision that you can completely take pride in holding on to. Investors Clinic agents help you in solving this problem too by giving you a proper financial consultation. This is where Investors Clinic creates differentiation as it provides you with end-to-end financial advice and also recommends some of the leading banks who can provide you with attractive loan offers. 


Do proper Calculations. Investors Clinic also helps you find out the best ways to manage monthly installments. For example: Take your monthly income before taxes, including all sources, and divide it by four. Subtract from this figure the total amount you pay per month in debts. The result is the lower end of what you can reasonably afford to pay on a monthly basis. 


Start House Hunt. Investors Clinic’s agent is always there to help you narrow down your search and help you in every possible way in order to become a proud first time homeowner.