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16 April 2015

The Lease Of Unused Plots May Soon Come To End Warns Noida Authority Poster by: IC

Due to repeated complaints, Noida Authority has finally taken a stern decision that if not used properly, the unused plots in Noida of landowners can get confiscated by the authority officials. NOIDA: The lease can get cancelled if they are lying vacant or have only a partially built construction with no care taker as this invites criminals or hooligans to get an easy accommodation at such places and residents living in such areas suffer the most.

With rates of property in Noida skyrocketed, encroachments are common and these unused plots easily attract encroachers. Orders have been given already to conduct a survey so that the Noida Authority can have knowledge of exactly how many such land in Noida is encroached upon or is being misused by miscreants.

As per the law, although it is mandatory that landowners are liable to construct at least 50 percent of the construction of the FAR in order to obtain a completion certificate, the rule has been not implemented fully across the Noida region. Such strict rule has been arrived in the wake of the September 11 attack  as prior to the attack, landowners were required to complete just 25 percent of the FAR construction.

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