16 April 2015

An Attention of the Civilians at the Noida FlatsPoster by: IC

As this area of Noida is in developing process due to the construction of so many malls and metro services, the 30 years old flats are also in great demand and thus their prices are rising by each passing time. The builders in Noida are ready to take them and renovate them to make those army flats a place of living. Though the occupants of the flats are shifting to other parts for varied reasons, but the value of the flats are actually increasing.

uilt in the year of 1985, the Army, Air Force and the Navy department officers have their accommodations in the army flats in Noida in sectors 21, 25, 28, 29, and 37. Few years back, this area was a residential area for various staff from army, navy and air force both retired and working. But the children of some have decided to reside in some other locations and some staff have taken flats at other places leaving maximum of the flats unoccupied. Located at such a nice place, the present cost of the property in Noida has increased to a great extent almost double of the price that was there in the year 2005.

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