Your Mantra to Strike a Good Work-Life Balance

There’s an ongoing battle that most working class people, maybe professionals, high-flying business people or entrepreneurs, wage within themselves. When you are building your business or pursuing a career, it is all so easy to throw yourself into all hours, seven days a week. You are wedded to your work at the detriment of your home life- your relationship with your significant other and family & friends.

Your Mantra to Strike a Good Work-Life Balance

Your Mantra to Strike a Good Work-Life Balance

So how do you maintain the balance between work and personal life?

You have a life outside your work place, your family and your friends, try to strike a balance between the two different zones and lead a stress free life. Follow some simple tips and see how everything falls into place.

Plan and prepare for your dayJust drafting your retirement plan is not enough, you must also plan to make each day happier. By planning your day, you have time for all important things, personal or professional. Listing down things will help you sort out what you have to do at work and when you are at home. This will help you prioritize things which need your immediate attention without getting hassled

Schedule work at office- Try not only completing your tasks on time but also how you will go about it. When you schedule work in the time slotted you will finish your work in time and also get excellent results. If you are lagging behind, then reschedule—at times things don’t work out the way they are planned, so try a different approach. You have to attend a meeting but also you have to go out with your spouse see which can be postponed for the next day, so reschedule. When at home don’t think of work, just let go and see what you have to do at home. You need to spend quality time with your family, so just do that and enjoy yourself.

No work at home- Try not to bring work home, there can be nothing more frustrating for family/friends to see you nose deep in work even on weekends and holidays. You may find this difficult in the beginning but keep your mind away from work when at home will help cement relationships.

Communicate with your near and dear ones- There is no better way to bridge the gap, remember the energy you expend in the office should not be a punishment for them. Even after a tiring day find time to talk to your dear ones this is a great stress buster.

Create memories- Whether on a holiday or a weekend do something with your family, so all of you can remember the happy times. Fights take place when you don’t spend time with your family, so make it a point to go out with them or even at home do things where all the members enjoy.

Make sure you are connected with people via phones, emails, messages. Take up a hobby or join a gym where you can work out your day’s stress. Practicing yoga or meditation is a very good for health and peace of mind. On weekends help your spouse with house work, so the mantra to lead a balanced life is to schedule your office and home work. Stay connected and finds time for small things which will make others happy and in turn will keep you smiling.