All You Need to Know about working with an Interior Designer

Interior designing is something that can totally transform the look and feel of your home. While everyone is capable of decorating a home on his own, it is recommended to hire a professional interior designer if you can afford one.

All You Need to Know about working with an Interior Designer

Why do you need an Interior Designer?

When we think about decorating a house, the things we have on our mind includes wall color, decor pieces, window treatments, etc. However, an décor ideas brings in a lot more than that. He analyzes everything from the architectural aesthetics of the flat to the orientation of it. He envisions everything he can do to make your home beautiful and functional and he will do all this keeping in mind the theme, mood and lifestyle. A professional designer not only plans everything but also cooperates with his trusted vendors and artisans who help him in the proper execution of his plans. You may have a clear vision of how your house would look after it is ready but it is only an interior designer who will put the last pieces into the right place.

How to Find the Right Interior Designer?

When you start searching for an interior designing firm or an individual designer, you will find innumerable options out there. Your job is to pick the one who matches your style and understands your needs. While interviewing a designer, ask for samples of his previous work. If you think you cannot afford the perfect designer, just look around. There are many who will be ready to negotiate.

How to Work with an Interior Designer?

Even if you do not have a real idea about what you want in your home, just showing a few pictures of the ‘homes you like’ would be enough for the designer to understand your needs. Try to engage him in the construction process of your home as early as possible so that he has a clear idea about the orientation of your rooms. There are few things in your home that you do not want to let go of. Clear that to your designer before he starts with his work. Take design inputs from all members of your family. Try to take kid’s opinion for their own room.

It is pretty natural that you might not like everything the designer proposes. So you have to have an open mind. Also, discuss the entire billing procedure you are going to follow because it would be difficult to negotiate after the designer starts his contractual job.

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