Welcome Winters with a Refurbished Home

The bone-chilling winters are about to set foot in Delhi and in your home. You must have started unpacking your jackets, pullovers, shawls and boots and getting them ready for coming winters. You are making yourself completely winter ready but what about your home? Like you, your home also needs a little makeover to face the freezing winters.

Welcome Winters with a Refurbished Home

Here are a few tips to create a winter-ready home:

Clear all Drains- The winters are preceded by fall which is the season of fallen dead leaves everywhere. So probably all your pipes and drains would be jammed with these leaves. To avoid any such maintenance problem during the ice-cold Delhi winters, you should get all your drains cleared before the time comes.

Seal your Windows- You also have to the freezing cold winds out of your house. Seal all your windows before the season arrives. Caulking the windows is an easy and cost-effective way of doing this. If some windows or awnings are broken, get them repaired in advance. Basically, you are creating an air-tight house which will keep the heat inside and save the energy bills of your home.

Prepare your Heating Appliances- Your heating appliances have not been used for a long time in summers. Bring them out of the closet and see if all of these are working properly. Heaters, geysers, immersion rods, etc., need some servicing. If you have a fireplace at home, scrub it properly and fill new wood in it.

Besides making your home winter-proof from its base, you can also make a few changes in your home modern decor styles to welcome the winters:

Add More Storage- Winters mean more clothes, more upholstery, more boots and more of everything that is not needed during summers. So you must prepare your home for all these extra stuff. Create more storage options like shoe racks, behind-the-door scarf hangers, etc. Vacuum pack your summer clothes and create space for winter wear in your wardrobe.

Bring in Bright Colors- Winters can be dull and boring. So you must bring in more colors to your home decor. You can use more bright curtains, pillow covers and bedsheets to give a vibrant look to your home.

All these changes will help you in enjoying the winters relaxing with your family. Prepare your home in advance and save all the trouble during chilling winters.

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