Why Investing in a Bungalow is a Good Idea?

Do you picture your dream home as a bungalow or as a flat in an apartment complex? Most of us would go with the bungalow. Thanks to the Bollywood movies which attracts people to live in bungalows. Unlike the simpler flats, bungalows usually symbolize a grand lifestyle in beautifully crafted and lavishly furnished home. It consists of a single floor and covers a larger space on ground.

Why Investing in a Bungalow is a Good Idea

Though bungalows cost higher than the apartments, they are pretty much worth it. They promise a sophisticated lifestyle in a fairly established society. There are two ways to own a bungalow in India. The first one is to buy a plot and then build a home as and when you want. The other way is to book a home in a township project by a reputed builder. A larger percentage of buyers prefer the latter route.

Here are few reasons why buying a bungalow is a good idea:

Timeless Status Appeal- Bungalows have been in the real estate market since time unknown and the best thing is that they are never out of fashion. They project a social status. A bigger house in a thriving locality would obviously give people an idea of your richness and affluence.

Best for Joint Families- A bungalow is the best option for growing families. Due to its larger space, two generations can happily thrive in the home. Since it is a single storeyed development, it is good for children and senior citizens also. A larger compound gives your children endless possibilities to grow and create childhood memories. A strong sense of family togetherness can be felt in a bungalow.

A good Investment Option- Apart from its advantages as a good place to live, bungalows can also be a perfect investment option. The value appreciation of bungalows are much higher than that of the flats. The value will be even higher if the project is situated in a well-established locality.

It is always better to buy a bungalow within a township project. The first benefit you get is the economies of scale. A township project is a large scale development. If you invest in it, you get the advantages of a ready-made infrastructure- both physical and social. They will also offer a better view that you would otherwise not be able to avail.

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