What better day to celebrate the acquisition of a new home or office than Krishna Janamashtmi?

Janmashtami is celebrated with full verve and vigor, among devout Hindus, across India. It marks the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna, who is worshiped as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, or the supreme creator in the Hindu mythology and belief system.

It’s also considered an auspicious time to make life-transforming decisions, such as the purchase or movement into a new home, or a new business establishment. It’s believed that the business will flourish and there will be lots of happiness and prosperity in the house if an important decision regarding a home of an office is taken on Janamashtmi.

Time for a new beginning! Krishna Janamashtmi

Time for a new beginning! Krishna Janamashtmi

Buying a first, or even a second home, or a place from where you conduct your business or work, could easily be counted as amongst the few important decisions that you make in your life. The way you want to live your life, who do you want to interact with, what do you want to be surrounded with, and how do you want to spend the rest of your time – everything is contingent on the physical properties of the residential or commercial/retail property that you eventually choose to invest in.

Perhaps you are already done with the crucial part, and are finished with the house/office hunting. Perhaps you have already zeroed in on the property you want to invest in. Therefore, now is the time to decide what could be the perfect time to embark on your new life, as once a major investment or a shift is made into an immovable asset like a property, there is no turning back or moving away from your decision.

Buying or even leasing out a home or an office or commercial space from where you want to carry out your regular business activities is therefore a non-retractable, non-reversible decision that you should weigh all the pro and cons of, before signing on the dotted line.

What better day than the birthday of the charismatic God, Lord Krishna to complete all the important documentation, or physically shifting into your new home or establishment from where you want to draw the maximum happiness from over the next few years, at least?

With Investors Clinic, your decision will be complimented by the array of options that we will put out at your disposal to make your choice easy. With decades of experience, Investors Clinic understands the sentiment behind buying a home or office and has transacted a slew of property deals that are meant to delight our valued customers.

Therefore, while you celebrate Krishna Janmashtami with prayers and the distribution of delicious sweets amongst family and friends, also feel proud that you made the right decision regarding your home or office.

Let this blessed day mark the opening of a new chapter in your life.

Investor’s Clinic congratulates you on your new acquisition!

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