Welcome Goddess Durga with a more beautiful home this Navratri

The festive season is here. The cities and towns are glittering with the charm of festivities. Beautiful idols of deities, diyas, candles, colors etc., can be seen throughout the market. When the outsides of your home are reflecting the festive feel of the environment, why not decorate your house in such a way that this Navratri goddess Durga steps into your home and brings all the happiness.

Listed below are a few easy steps to decorate your home this Navratri:

Make a Rangoli- When you think of celebrations in India, the first thing that comes to your mind is a colorful Rangoli designed at the entrance of the homes. A rangoli not only beautifies a home, but is also considered as an auspicious gesture. If you are creative enough you can make an actual rangoli with bright colors. Otherwise, Rangoli molds and sticker rangolis are also easily available in the market.

Create a Flowery Decor- Flowers symbolize freshness and joy. Use real flowers to decorate your home on Navratri. It is sure a hectic way as you need to change it everyday. But a flowery decor will look good as well as fill the ambience with its sweet fragrance. Marigold, Mogra and Rose will do great for festive decor. Place them on the entrance of your home and at the home temple.

Idols and Figurines-Another important symbol of festive season are the idols of divine deities. These are not only to be used for worshipping but they can also make wonderful decor items. This will also create a themed Navratri look.

Diyas and Candles-Bright lights are the essence of Navratri. So bring all the lights this year to make your home stand out in your locality. In addition to the creative candles available in the market, invest your time in shopping for designer diyas.

Go Ethnic with Upholstery-You can also experiment with the upholstery and curtains at your home. Ethnic throw pillows and cushion covers are also available in the market. As the festive season arrives, traditional stuff are in abundance at the marketplace. Decor items carrying the traditional feel are also available.

Another important thing about a festive decor is that your home should be perfectly clean. Start the home cleanliness drive a few days ago so that the decor is not hectic for you as the time comes. You can also paint your home in new color if you want. Moreover, you can encourage your kids to do some paper craft work which you can use in the house. This will also make them understand the joy and importance of such festivities.

Prepare your home for the divine goddesses and enjoy this Navratri with all the joy!

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