Ways to Invigorate Your Home Decor with a Single Paint Can

Painting your home is one of the most interesting things to do when it comes to home décor. Your home walls and objects reflect your lifestyle. Once you have chosen the perfect paint color for your dream home and completed covering your abode in glamorous hues, you end up with a single paint of can remaining, which seems to look at us and asks, “Why did you buy me?” So we must find ways to utilize the can and not let it feel lonely.

Ways to Invigorate Your Home Decor with a Single Paint Can

Ways to Invigorate Your Home Decor with a Single Paint Can

Let us explore how to invigorate your Home Décor with a Single Paint Can.

Lots of Paint + Bedroom = Patterned Wall. If you have any color paint left and a can of white paint (and lots of patience), then this task is for you. Take your time planning out the pattern with painter’s tape. For better results, paint one color and let it dry before applying the second.

A little paint + Bedroom = Dramatic Doorway. Try experimenting with the borders of door. Make a template using a roll of paper and tape it to the wall to create an outline you can follow.

A little paint + Dining room = Attractive Crockery Cabinets. You need to paint only the fronts of the cabinets and drawers for a two-tone look. Apart from this, if you have a glass-front cabinet in the dining room, try to paint only the inside of the cabinets for a subtle and soothing change.

A little paint + Bathroom = Tub Makeover. Try experimenting with your claw-foot tub and color it- black, dark grey or bitter chocolate which will look sophisticated. Try pink ,red or vibrant blue for a more bold look.

Lots of paint + Stairway = Painted Runner. Change your dark stairs by painting coats of light colors. Begin with a white base; follow with the main runner color and accent with a thin border stripe as per your wish.

So, now you can make the most of your purchase, try stretching that single paint can by using it in a number of mentioned smaller projects. Whether you start with a full can or wondering what to do with the last few drops, surely these ideas are worth to try in your next project.

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