Ways to Improve Storage in Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the messiest rooms in the house and with so many big and oddly shaped appliances and gadgets; it becomes even harder to manage. Inadequate storage is a common kitchen problem. Everyone cannot have their dream kitchen, big with ample storage to fit your entire cooking arsenal, but there are ways you can get the desired effect. If you cannot go in for remodeling, you can improvise on the given area by different adaptations that will increase your storage space.

Ways to Improve Storage in Your Kitchen

First and foremost point is you should keep only those things which are required. Don’t clutter things which are not frequently used and can be kept somewhere else. Relocation is a good option, you can store items in a china-cabinet or in a cabinet kept in the passage or entryway. Bring them out when required and store them back, this way you have less clutter. Organize your cutlery and silver-ware using draw-organizers. This can also be used for smaller items so you know where the things are kept.

Kitchen-carts work like small kitchen ‘Portable Island’ that helps you store more infrequently used items. Additional kitchen cabinets are a yes-yes in any kitchen, you can organize and reorganize yet you will have storage problems. Add more storage in the form of cabinets. You can add shelves in the cabinets which will give you extra storage. Kitchen hutch can be used to show off your fine china. If you don’t have space in the kitchen you can keep the hutch in the dinning-room corridor displaying it like quality furniture and using it as a décor item.

Open your kitchen space to open shelving where you can display your condiments, sugar coffee and flour jars. Get attractive jars to hold your food items, wine racks, fruit baskets, knife racks can all be displayed making your kitchen look neat and organized. Wall mounted storage like rails and hooks can hold large utensils and are very popular, but see that they are at the right height. Pot racks can also be used if your ceilings are taller.

Look-up if you have space above the cabinets, then consider putting colorful boxes and/or baskets to hold seasonal items to maximize space. Use space below the kitchen sink to store cleaning items, garbage bags etc. by installing bins and shelves. Use your dining room also for keeping some of your items. Make the maximum use of space and be organized so your kitchen can look neat and tidy where there is a place for everything.

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