Ways to Cut Down Energy Costs in Office Buildings

One of the most talked about topics in the modern realty world is energy efficiency. Rising need for saving the environment has made its impact on residential as well as commercial real estate. Besides Energy-efficient Homes in residential sector, offices are also becoming environment friendly. Builders are opting for environment friendly means of constructions to develop projects that are ‘greener’ in comparison to the normal ones. But the dwellers of residential apartments and the administrators of the commercial buildings should also take effective steps at their end to cut energy costs in their buildings.

Ways to Cut Down Energy Costs in Office Buildings

Listed below are a few tips to enhance the ‘green’ effect in your office:

Install Meters and Submeters- Most of the office buildings have the electricity meters installed in their buildings to monitor their energy consumption. However, not many offices have submeters. Submeters should be installed at specific areas of your office premises so that you can have a better understanding about fragmented energy use. This way you will also know where you can make improvements.

Upgrade Your Lighting System- This is the easiest and most effective way of cutting energy costs in your office. You do not have to demolish or remodel any structure. Just replace your old fluorescent tubelights and bulbs with LED lights. This brings minimal initial investment but is very fruitful in the long run.

Allow Work From Home- The trend of flexible working hours and working from home is new in the market. It is also very helpful in having significant implications on your company’s overhead charges. The more employees work from home, lower will be your energy costs. Lesser the staff, lower the costs.

Replace Bulky PCs with Laptops- Laptops are designed to be energy efficient and they are easier to use also. A huge set up of computer systems probably eats up a larger chunk of your overhead costs. So go for the laptops, make it casual for employees and lighter on your pocket.

Get a clear understanding about what appliances are used for the whole day and what are just sitting there for no reason. For example, an exhaust system for the release of carbon monoxide is needed during the morning when cars come and in the evening when they leave. It can be turned off during the day. So find out such areas and improve on them. Nowadays, cooling systems with energy meters are available in the market. They give you notifications of when they need more energy and when they can run on a lesser power.

Make a smart approach towards the simplest things and cut down the energy costs in office premises.

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