Waste Management at Your Complex

“Put your waste to work” Waste management is an important part of keeping your apartment complex clean, healthy and environmental friendly and creates a safe place for you and your family to live. Waste Management is one of the tougher challenges facing our increasing urban population. Its success and failure lies in our hands and every resident should be made aware of its importance in our daily life. The three R’S of waste management are REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE.

Waste Management at Your Complex

So the steps towards a better waste management would be-

Awareness Program- Each and every person must be made aware of the hazards of improper waste management. It is important to make residents aware and educate them of proper handling of the waste. Volunteer can take part in discussions which will form a Green Body and make people aware as to how they should dispose of their waste.

Segregation- It is the next important step. Dry and Wet waste should be separated. So have two bins- a red and a green one for wet and dry waste. Keep the residents informed so that they dispose the right garbage in the right bins. Housekeeping staff are the key to success of waste management. Participation of all the residents is another important factor. We should work towards better waste management.

We need not do a lot but only collect and segregate the garbage into dry and wet waste and hand it over to the collector. Also try to reduce the waste by avoiding generating waste for e.g.

  • Use cloth bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Use old Recycled material instead of fresh new material.
  • Reuse materials more than once like newspapers and plastic bags.

Modern technology has new ways to reuse waste so let your waste works for you by increasing the fertility of your soil or recycling materials for future use. A little effort and awareness can help you in managing waste.

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