Give a Vintage Look to Your Modern Home

Some homemakers work only to make their house look tidy and presentable while there is another bunch of enthusiasts who want their homes to speak of their personality and sheer taste for minutiae. One popular way of adding something special to your home decor is giving it a vintage theme and look. The beauty of vintage furniture and decor items has brought a revolution in the interior design industry. Leading interior designers prefer vintage home decor.

But you do not need a professional interior designer to give your home a superior taste. Just a few points are to be kept in mind while adopting a vintage look.

Give a Vintage Look to Your Modern Home

First of all, you have to learn the balance between old and new. However vintage you want your home to look, it is still a modern home with a modern base. So you cannot go for a complete rustic look, rather strike a balance between old and new. For example, you don’t have to change the entire couch and bring a new one; show some creativity with the upholstery. Choose some gorgeous throw pillows to complement your theme. You can also bring in some vintage furniture and give it a modern look by repainting or reupholstering.

Remember, contrast is the key to a beautiful decor. Use a vintage mirror on your modern painted wall. Use a rustic wardrobe in your modern bedroom. A contrast among color palettes and furnishings can also work magic. Smoky pink, minty green and subtle shades of blue give a vintage look to the home. In contrast to this you can furnish with contemporary furniture to create a modern vintage feel. This will all become really easy if you have a perfect vision in your mind about how you want your home to look after the big makeover.

Decor items are the most efficient way of creating a vintage decor. There are some shops completely selling vintage decor items. Hang around such locations and find something that matches your home. You can use items like:

Artsy Mirror- This may not be the mirror you use for grooming; put it as a decor item in the bedroom. Complement with hand painted hairbrush or a vintage jewellery box.

Vintage Decanters- If you are a wine aficionado, vintage style crystal decanters must be on your list. Drink in style!

Victorian Lamp Shades- When paired with modern stuff, victorian lamp shades can work magic with the decor.

Porcelain Teacups- Porcelain teacups can give your kitchen a retro look. Serve tea to your guests in these teacups and show the classy you.

Retro Jars- Retro jars are another way to add vintage style to your kitchen decor. Old style kitchen scales can also do the job.

Do you think a vintage look would add personality to your home decor? Feel free to share your views with us.

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