Vastu Shastra for Garden to Bring Good Fortune Home

A garden is a must arena in almost every home then be it an apartment, a small independent home or a villa. But, it is important to know about the direction in which the garden is designed and the property owner must also have knowledge of plants that he/she is planting in the garden. Interestingly, you don’t need to be an environmentalist or a Vastu expert to know all this as we here are listing all the important Vastu Shastra tips for decorating a Garden to bring good fortune home:

Home Garden

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  1. Firstly remember that the Garden area comprises of five elements which are also known as the Paanch Maha Boota. Thus, placing of plants in different corners of a home is also necessary as they flush out the negativity from the property. So, plant greens while considering elements like the South-West direction of a home represents earth, the North-East represents water, the South-East represents fire, and the North-West represents air. The centre or the middle area of a home represents space. Although, it’s harmful to have a garden designed either in the South-East or South-West direction.

  2. The Peepal, Mango, Neem and Banyan trees are best known for purifying air along with offering a sweet smell. But, make sure to plant these giant trees on a side so that they don’t obstruct the path and the entry gate particularly.

  3. The East or the North directions are best for planting small greens and shrubs in the garden whereas these two directions should be avoided for planting giant trees. Also, keep some space to sit and relax in the North direction of the garden. Remember that proper cutting and care should be taken of all plants and also make sure that not even a single plant shadow should fall upon the house from 9 am and 3 pm according to Vastu Shastra.

  4. Avoid planting of trees just near to the house as the insects, worms, thunderstorms and lighting can damage the foundation of a home while spreading other harmful diseases.

  5. Tulsi, also known as basil should be planted in the Northern, North-Eastern and Eastern direction of the house. Also, you must not plant cactus at home whether in the garden or interiors as the thorny texture of this plant attracts negativity.

  6. The North, East and North-Eastern are best to have a waterfall. Try to get a small waterfall in the area and also have a pond with lotus in it. This is the best way to bring Good Fortune home. Also, you can have a swimming pool facing towards East or North direction.

Remember to install a swing only in the North or East direction and people must face towards the East or West direction while sitting on it.