Vastu Friendly Remedies for Your Home Décor

A beautiful house is appealing, but positive energy is necessary to live a healthy and a wealthy life. In modern times you cannot have your flat or apartment according to your way, but by adding or taking care of your décor you can create a positive energy and drive away the negativity. No matter how expensive home you own, you must know the basics of How to Make Your Luxury Home Vastu-Friendly.

Vastu stands for the three important factors of your life – Health, Peace of Mind and Wealth. All these can be attained by just a few alterations to your interior designs by following certain Vastu remedies.

Vastu Friendly Remedies for Your Home Décor

Vastu Friendly Remedies for Your Home Décor

For Peace you can try some of these ideas-

Main Entrance- You can engrave auspicious symbols on your main door to welcome lasting peace. You can keep some energizing images of god so only positive vibes can enter. Feng-shui evil eyes hangings are very common; they are supposed to keep evil spirits and negativity out.

Color Schemes- Choose mixed color shades like red, yellow or orange on walls; let the colors energize the whole ambience. It is always better to avoid blue and black. Sleeping directions are important, so placing your beds and sleeping in the right direction is also necessary. Your head should face south-east and avoid north-west direction.

Vastu tips for wealth and prosperity-

  • The basics of Vastu interior designs marks clutter free home as Vastu principle.

  • North is the direction of wealth, so to attract the positive energy of Lord Kuber, it is important to enhance positive energy in this direction.

  • See that your main door is not blocked by wires or pipes, as this will hamper the inflow of positive energy.

  • Always keep brooms and mops out of sight so as to keep your expenses from overflowing.

  • Desks and tables should be kept neat and clutter free to ensure smooth flow of money and wealth into your living space.

  • The locker should be in the south-west of your house to enjoy uninterrupted flow of wealth.

Vastu tips for health-

  • Staircases must not occupy the center of your home.

  • Keep Tulsi or Basil plant at home; avoid keeping cactus or rubber plants.

  • A wooden bed without storage space is a good option. They protect you against brain and heart related diseases.

  • It is positive to burn a candle in the southeast direction to improve your ailing conditions.

You can get a lot of fengshui items for decoration, and these not only add to the décor of your home but also help in removing negative vibes but bringing health, wealth and happiness.

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