This Festive Season, Choose Vastu-Friendly Paint Colors for Your Home

How much time do you invest in selecting the color of your walls? Probably just a fractional amount as compared to what you give for other elements of home decor. It is interesting to know that colors not only make your home look good but they also influence your mood and behaviour. Happy and soothing colors make you feel at peace and silently inspire you. On the other hand, the ‘unhappy’ colors might not contribute a lot towards your happiness, on the contrary they might make you angry and frustrated.

This Festive Season, Choose Vastu-Friendly Paint Colors for Your Home

Vastu Shastra has a detailed description of how colors affect our lives. Colors are basically lights of different wavelengths and have a major impact on our mind, body and soul. While painting your new home, you have be mindful that the right colors are at right places and do not conflict with each other to give a negative impact.

So now that the festive season is here and you must be thinking of creating a Festive Season Home Décor. Before you paint your home all anew, understand the Vastu significance of different colors.

Red- The color red and its hues signify physical bravery, strength and power. It might also be invigorating and aggressive so it is not advised to be used in offices, bedrooms or living rooms. Lighter shades of red, when applied in the North-west or North corner of your home, is expected to promote a peaceful married life.

Blue- Blue is for new beginnings and is known for inspiring positive thinking and creativity. It is an excellent color for meditation rooms and yoga rooms. Brighter shades of blue can be used for kids’ room also. Purple is the color of trust and creates a peaceful environment.

Green- Green color represents freshness and rejuvenation and is known to have a healing quality. It is good for study room and living room. Most of the hospitals also have green colored walls and furniture because of the healing quality it possesses.

Yellow- Yellow is the sign of sunlight; it also represents power and wisdom. However, it should not be used in the rooms that get direct sunlight. Yellow is the perfect color for Pooja room.

White- If you have bedroom in North-West, white color is perfect for it. White represents grace and peace; ceilings should always be white. It also gives your home the much needed elegance.

Other neutral colors like grey and eggshell are also good for your house. They are gentle in essence and helps in maintaining a cordial relationship among family members. It also promotes communication and happiness.

Choose your paint colors wisely and live a happy life!

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