How to Upgrade Your Home Value For Resale

Buy a home which will fetch you more than your money’s worth on resale. Preparing your home for resale, certain improvements that are worth their cost are imperative, so they can help you attract more buyers, sell your home faster, get more money and increase your home resale value. A few renovations and restorations will help you sell your home at the rate that you desire.

How to Upgrade Your Home Value For Resale

Flooring- Hardwood is very popular with buyers. If floors are worn out then get them sanded and resealed, get your floors waxed which will enhance your home value.

Kitchen- A state-of-the-art kitchen is one of the most popular renovations where you can earn back your most. Certain upgrades like granite counters, hardwood or high-end tile floors, premium appliances will add to the value.

Plumbing- Upgrade plumbing fixtures in kitchen and bathrooms.

Windows- Windows are for more than viewing, they are a source of light and also a source of conditioned air gain or loss.

Upgraded Lighting – Replace your old light fixtures with more contemporary ones. Master bedroom should feel like a retreat, recessed lighting with dimmers, lighting wall scones help create an ambiance that has a high value.

Curb Appeal- A well-manicured lawn, clean drive and sidewalks are an added attraction.

Upgrade master bathroom with a spa-like features. Get an over-sized garden tub installed with rainwater showers and separate shower cubicle. Adding an extra room will fetch you more money because a four bedroom is always worth more than a three bedroom home- a family space or room where everybody can congregate.

Every space in a home has a specific purpose and sometimes serves a dual purpose. Storage space and closets are a must. Walk in closets are the latest trends, enhance the value of your home with some modern techniques. Garage forms an integral part of your home, make it fully usable with storage space where your extra stuff can go and your car can also be parked. There are a multitude of ideas to elevate the resale value of your home by making a few improvements. Invest in your home, so that the value you create now will increase in time.

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