Types of Houses in India

India is a land of diversified culture. You have different types of communities and people with different financial backgrounds. As a result house plans in India are an amalgamation of house types, surrounding ambience, lifestyle, aesthetics, family status and budget. Houses can be built in a large variety of configurations. 

Types of Houses in India

A basic division is between free standing houses or single family homes and various types of attached or multi-user dwellings. Most builders are now opting for Group Housing projects, Plotted Projects and Builder Flat Projects. In the National Capital Region (NCR), localities of Noida, Greater Noida and Gurgaon exhibit almost all kinds of such homes. Property in Noida Extension, Yamuna Expressway and other parts of Greater Noida is increasingly showing a dynamic trend.

Farm Houses and Bungalows-These are family owned. In India you will find a lot of independent homes especially in the non-urban areas.

Apartments-These are blocks of flats in a building. These apartment homes are multi-unit dwellings suitable for individuals or a family. The modern apartment complexes come with all amenities and facilities.

Studio Apartments- Also known as a Bachelor apartment is a suite with a single room that doubles as a living/sitting room and bedroom. A kitchen and bath are squeezed off to one side.

Penthouse- It is the top floor of a multistory building with an open terrace and a spectacular view. The Penthouse in certain buildings has its own private elevator.

Row Houses- Also called Terraced homes or Townhouses, these are a group of individual homes with common boundaries giving the feel of an individual home and yet living in a gated community.

Villas– They come in all shapes and sizes from luxury villas to king size super luxurious. Facilities like your own driveway, garden/lawn, backyard and a pool are offered with these homes. These are some features what the builders offer is much more a club house, maybe a golf course, round the clock security etc.

Villaments- the top floors are converted into homes which give you the combined effect of a villa and an apartment, from where you not only have a spectacular view but are open to elements.

Condominiums- The form of ownership with individual apartments and co-ownership of all common areas, like rooftops, outdoor areas recreation rooms.

These are some common homes in India with urbanization more and more people are opting for group housing projects and builder flat projects because they offer you all the amenities and security with better infrastructure.

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