Mix & Match: The Traditionally Modern Decor Style

Do you prefer a traditional decor in your home or a modern one? Can’t decide! Well, you are one of those many First Time Home Buyers who are confused about the theme and era of their home décor. While a traditional decor is more sophisticated and formal, modern decor trends speak of creativity, innovation and fun. Since both the styles are comfortable and looks good, it becomes very difficult to choose between the two.Several ready to move flats in Noida are offered by reputed developers that are adorned with traditional plus modern decor styles.Mix & Match: The Traditionally Modern Decor Style

When it is so difficult to choose between the two, why not mix the two and make a traditionally modern decor! Here are few tips:

Color Palette:- Traditional décor is characterized by colors that do not shout. Subtle color palette including beige, cream, taupe and tan are few such colors. Modern decor colors are bright and shout out liveliness. What you can do to mix the two styles is to trade the violent colors for their softer shades. For example, if you want your home to be blue, go for shades like baby blue, allice blue and periwinkle.

Furniture:- When you think of a traditional home decor, the first thing that strikes in your head is queen style sofa with multiple adornments. Also, well planned symmetrical arrangements can be seen in the older style of decor. You can remove the static part of your decor by adding a sense of motion. Go for sleek shapes and do not stuff too much furniture in the same room. Bring an irregular shape of rug and place furniture in a non-conservative manner to attract attention.

Flooring:- Hardwood floors or other heavy toned floor types are common in traditional decor. Walnut, oak and mahogany are a few floor trends that symbolize statement. Traditionally modern flooring would be the one with similar colors but less static patterns. Go for geometric styled rugs or moroccan tiles.

Decor Items:- Traditional decor items include stuff like candlesticks, chandeliers and antique items. Whereas the modern decor comprises abstract paintings and casual stuff. You can sure mix the two and create your own style by adding a bit of modernity to your traditional space. It is all about creativity. Instead of the showy sparkle, go for a subtle version of it.

Just being a little creative and using your instincts can help you in transforming the traditional décor of your home into a new traditional that also speaks of subtlety.

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