Top 7 design ideas you must follow while decorating a living room

Living room! This is what comes to mind when an individual proceeds for a renovation or remodeling of a home. It is the only place in your home that boosts the aesthetic look, if decorated properly. Thus, it is very crucial to apply a vibrant tone within the fashion Homes. For those, who are looking forward for some exclusive design ideas; we have listed a few of them.

Pattern Play:- Ikats, trellis and florals makes a perfect blend for adding a crispy touch to the room. Using the combination of red, blue and brown for the draperies and furniture will give an elegant look. Always try using the mixed patterns while decorating the room.

Pattern Play

Image by: Karyn Millet; Designer: Hillary Thomas Designs

Seeing Red:- Red always gives a sparkling touch, but using it with the right colors is also important. You can try out pops of white to balance the tone. Using smattering of dove white for walls, chair rail, fireplace and coffee table is also a smart option.

Seeing Red

Image by: Simon Whitmore/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication

White on White:- No doubt, white looks pleasant and sophisticated, but applying it throughout the room can give a monotonous appearance. A rough-hewn linen sofa, crocheted throw and nubby rug can be added, to balance the content of white color within the room.

White on White

Image by: Ron Royals; Designer: Lisa Sherry

Tidy and Spacious:-Do not over-stuff your room with a heavy dining table, furniture, sofa or couch. Always go for lucite dining chairs. Unobstructed wall hangings and an open-weave coffee table can help you out to give an uncramped and clean living room.

Tidy and Spacious

Image by: Ben Gebo; Designer: Annsley McAleer

Go with vintage:- Giving a traditional look to the living room is also a key to get a classic living room. You can use old standby silhouettes, bamboo side chairs, chesterfield sofa and furniture with vintage designs. If you are confused with choosing the color, lime green and ocean blue will appear cool.

Go with vintage

Image by: Ben Gebo; Designer Annsley McAleer

Reading Zone:- If you are fond of reading, simply carve out an area for reading. A cozy chair near window or wooden bookshelf will look stunning. Make sure that your reading nook can receive ample natural light.

Reading Zone

Image by: Ron Royals; Designer: Lisa Sherry

Silver Accents:- Silver is the color of elegance and when used in a living room, it maintains the sophisticated air of the room. You can add scrolling mirror, fireplace andirons, coffee table and much more having highlights of silver. Do not put silver accessories throughout the room as it may appear unpleasant.

Silver Accents

Image by: Edward Addeo; Designer: Frances Herrera

There are many more design ideas that can give your living room a stunning look. The best way is to follow the trend while maintaining sheer simplicity.

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