Tips to Revamp your Kitchen from Drab to Fab

We keep altering our style and personality according to the latest trends. Then why do we still cook in a kitchen that was made for another generation? Old-world charm is one thing, but you should not make your cooking space uninteresting. Of course you are not ready for a full kitchen remodel as it is expensive and time-consuming. But you must give your kitchen its fair share of makeover.

Tips to Revamp your Kitchen from Drab to Fab

Tips to Revamp your Kitchen from Drab to Fab

A few tweaks is all you need to give your drab kitchen a lively and modern look. Let us talk about these tweaks in some detail.

Countertop Makeover

This is probably the first thing that you need to take care of while revamping your kitchen. The secret to choosing the perfect finishes for your kitchen is to know what you need. For example, chefs prefer stainless steel counter tops as it is easy to clean. However, in our homes granite has been the most common countertop material over the years. Trends show that now people have started to prefer quartz over granite as it is resistant to burns and scratches and is also stronger than granite. Touted as the toughest countertop material, quartz goes through stringent procedures while making and is available in solid colors.

Shelves and Cabinets Makeover

Gone are the days when you had to buy separate storage racks and cabinets for the kitchen. Modular kitchens have made storage very easy with inbuilt shelves, cabinets and drawers. If you have a traditional style kitchen, you can get it transformed into a modular one. There are several brands offering modular kitchen makeover services; you can choose one according to your budget. The idea is to make storage user-friendly and hidden so that your cooking area looks airy and spacious.

Sink and Plumbing Makeover

Stainless steel is the most common material for kitchen sink. But it looks boring and does not fit a modular set up. So now companies are also offering sinks in other colors to match the entire style and color palette of your kitchen. Yellow, pink and grey sink give a color pop to your subtle kitchen. Choose hidden plumbing and under-the-sink garbage disposal system to make sure nobody finds any sort of mess in your cooking paradise.

Appliance Makeover

If you already have the latest kitchen appliances, you need not revamp it. However, if you are still using that old single door refrigerator that does can’t even cool properly, you sure need an appliance makeover too. To help you save space, modular solution companies also offer microwave drawers that are fit among the cabinet spaces. Go for modern appliances like snacks maker, coffee maker, etc., to give your kitchen a modern look.

Green Makeover

Along with all the other makeovers, this is a necessary one. You must bring in some green components into your kitchen revamp. Opt for energy-efficient appliances, LED light bulbs, etc., that save a lot of electricity. You can also put some indoor plants in the kitchen.

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