Tips to Make Your Kitchen Vastu-Friendly

Vastu Shastra has been followed in Indian homes for time immemorable. It is the science of organizing and planning the layout of your home to ensure that peace and prosperity is maintained in your heavenly abode.

Vastu considers kitchen to be the powerhouse of your home and believes that all positive energy is created in here. It contributes towards the general health and well-being of your family. From selecting the right direction for the appliances to choosing the right finishes for your kitchen, vastu-friendly solutions are available for all types of arrangements.

Tips to Make Your Kitchen Vastu-Friendly

Tips to Make Your Kitchen Vastu-Friendly

Here are a few tips to set up a vastu friendly kitchen:


Choosing the right direction is the first step of Vastu. Southeast corner of the main building is the perfect place for kitchen. A kitchen in Northeast and Southwest corners leads to disrupted harmony in the family and affects the health of the residents. Northwest direction leads to an increase in expenses. Hence Southeast is the perfect location. The gas stove should never be placed right in front of the door and it should be a few inches away from the wall. One should ideally face the East direction while cooking


If the refrigerator is inside the kitchen, it should be in southwest direction but there should be at least a few feet distance from the corner. Electrical appliances like microwaves, coffee makers, heaters etc. should also occupy the southwest direction. Northeast is the worst direction for the fridge and electrical appliances.

Sink and Plumbing

Vastu has different placement spots for flowing and stored water. Since the sink indicates flowing water it should be in the Northeast corner. On the other hand, stored water and such utensils like RO, Earthen pots and pitchers should be kept in the North.

Flooring and Finishes

Ceramic and marble are the two perfect flooring options for your kitchen, according to Vastu. These are also practical being scratch proof and impermeable.

Exhaust and Ventilation

Ventilation is a very important factor to make a kitchen more functional. A well ventilated kitchen makes cooking a delight, whereas a closed and claustrophobic kitchen kills your appetite with packed odours and humidity. An air hole or exhaust should be in the eastern side of the kitchen.


Western or southern walls of the kitchen are the best places for storage of grocery and other stuff. North and east side walls should be avoided for storing items.


Yellow, rose, chocolate and orange are considered good for kitchen walls. Avoid using black color; go for more vibrancy.

Keep your kitchen clean and organized to attract positive energy. It should not share a wall with bathroom and should not be on top of the puja room. Following a few tips will make your kitchen a delightful place adding more prosperity to the entire house.

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