Tips to Improve Functionality of a Small Kitchen

Every inch counts when making the most of a small kitchen. With a few changes you can transform your small kitchen into a super-efficient place without compromising on style and functionality. The small kitchen space is not a problem anymore; with modern innovations; it begins to be practical and cost effective too. All you need to do is a good plan for your kitchen space.

With the right design plan for the location of every item, you can get the best results. A small kitchen needs good storage space, enough counter space for preparing foods and right sized appliances that fit in your kitchen space.

Tips to Improve Functionality of a Small Kitchen

Tips to Improve Functionality of a Small Kitchen

Down Size It – A small kitchen can sprain a design brain, especially when you add storage and style in tight quarters to the typical kitchen challenges of fixture and function. Face the fact that in a small space you cannot have a kitchen which is jack of all trades- so focus first on function; making sure you have the appliances and work area that you need. If work space is premium consider an island or a counter topped cart which can be rolled away when not in use.

Open it up – Tiny kitchens feel claustrophobic when overhead cabinets are towering above your head in tight spaces. Consider shelving, pot racks, and magnetic knifes and spice holders, your kitchen will look more spacious and you can show off your art work.

Mix up Materials – Add the all-important style in compelling countertop surfaces, cabinetry, fixtures, flooring, lighting and color. Using the same color and style of fixtures and pulls can unify the look.

The Right Lighting – This can work wonders for you kitchen. Like any other room your kitchen needs a combination of task and atmospheric lighting. Use incandescent lighting underneath the upper cabinets shinning down on the counter tops.

Color it Big – The color of walls, appliances, counters, stools even the dish-towels can change the atmosphere, and make your kitchen look bigger and stylish.

Go for Comfort – We know how to increase the visual size of the kitchen from layout to color and design. But in a small space it is not necessary to increase the size of the space through interior decoration but to create a well-designed cozy space. So instead of trying to enlarge it, try to embrace it just the way it is. Create a small cozy niche for yourself and let your small kitchen give a feeling of sophistication and style mingled with a touch of warmth.

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