Tips To Host the Ultimate Housewarming Party

Your new home is just begging to be shown off and what is a better way to celebrate the happy occasion than hosting a housewarming party. Let this be the ultimate housewarming party where you can show off your new home to friends and relatives while at the same time getting to know your neighbors by inviting them on your turf. When your friends or relatives bought new home, you had to think about Gift Ideas for Housewarming Parties. Now it’s your turn to host and get some gifts for your abode.

Tips To Host the Ultimate Housewarming Party

Tips To Host the Ultimate Housewarming Party

All settled the way you want, and you are ready to entertain so plan the ultimate party that people will remember. Here are a few tips to get started-

Make a guest-list- Write down the names of the people you want to invite. Keep your guest-list limited according to the space available at home.

Choose Date- It is advisable to invite people 2-3 weeks after you have moved into your new home. This will give you time to unpack and settle.

Send invitations- Give them time and send an RSVP, so you know the number of people who will come and you can plan your food and drinks accordingly. Be sure to include the date, start time and end time on your invitation.

Decide a theme- To make it more interesting and classy opt for a theme. Express the same in the invitation.

Plan the Menu- Plan your food for the party, finger foods are ideal as people will be moving around eating and drinking and seeing your new house. Consider catered food and plan your drink list.

Keep it Clean- Your friends are coming to tour your new digs, keep everything spotlessly clean. Designate one of the kids or a friend to conduct the tour, so you are not distracted from your hosting duty, be the perfect host.

Music- Don’t forget the music, it creates the perfect ambiance.

Flowers- Put fresh flowers to create a welcoming look. Decorate your home a few finishing touches can do wonders, a well stacked powder room, a few candles placed at corners to give the warm glow and make the atmosphere cozy.

Be sure to provide toilet paper, tissues and hand towels in all the restrooms. It is also important to make yourself presentable. Secure your pets in a safe place; consider locking them in a room with food and fresh water. Greet your guests personally, though you have a lot to do. Mingle with the guests and offer them a drink, try not to spend time with one party, and speak with everyone. Serve dinner when you feel the time is right, and end up with coffee and dessert.

See your guests out and thank them. Later on you can send thank you notes for that extra ultimate finishing touch. Enjoy your party and see that your guests also enjoy the party and play the good host to the maximum.

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