Tips to Dress up Your Hallways

Hallways are the first thing that guest see when entering your home and the last thing when leaving your home, so it is the first and last impression they carry. So make them attractive and welcoming, let them be an extension of your home and not something to be ignored like a dump yard.

Tips to Dress up Your Hallways

Normally hallways are the most neglected part of your home, where all the inmates just dump things could be shoes, bags anything that can be just left , which is easily picked up on your way out. Dress up your hallways to make them welcoming, your visitors will always carry this impression.

Here are a few ways to make your hallways better:-

Play with Color- You can use bold and bright colors, which would be overpowering in a larger room. People don’t spend a long time in the hallway; you can experiment with color easily making it vibrant instead of dark and drab.

Be Organized- Don’t clutter your hallway with shoes, bags, coats and personal belongings. Make storage solutions like wicker baskets, boxes, hooks and drawers.

Decorate with Mirrors- Mirrors are a very good option, especially if your hallway is small, they give an illusion of depth and width and make your hallway look bigger and brighter. You can use more than one mirror, they need not be of the same sizes, get a little creative in their placement.

Invest in Proper Lighting- Lighting options are very important, or else your hallway will look drab, dark and uninviting. Warm lights, globes, scones, lamps and even candles create a welcoming ambience. If you can manage a skylight, it will provide natural light.

Showoff your Artistic Side- Just add some art work to the wall, you can put up some paintings or some family photo in black and white, framed in black frames. Just putting up a mural will also look attractive.

Add some Seating– If your hallway is broad enough, you can arrange some seating furniture. Your family members can sit and wear shoes, or if someone has come who is not allowed into the main house can wait there.

Freshen it Up- Brighten the hallway by placing some plants and maybe some fresh flowers. This will give a very refreshing look. Be a little creative with the flooring, you could use carpets, colorful tiles or runner rugs to liven up the hallway. You may have a big hallway or a small one; you can really do it up tastefully, to create an attractive and welcoming ambience

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