Tips to Choose the Right Rug For Your Home

Figuring out the shape and size for an area rug can differ with each room in your home. Rugs provide an artistic touch and enhance your home décor. It acts as an artwork for the floor, which works as a frame. Size does matter because it helps in creating a well-balanced space. Follow the thumb rule- Start with the area rug and balance your wall paint with the designs and colors in the rug, along with matching throwaway cushions and wall paintings to create the ultimate effect.

Tips to Choose the Right Rug For Your Home

The area rug should not be more than two feet away from the wall and should be of minimum six inches. The first thing to consider is the placement of the rug. Is it used to define an area or add softness or a burst of color to the room? Size matters. Measure up your space to ensure that your rug is both functional and balanced and adds a touch of class. Dining room rugs need to be large enough for the chairs to be pulled out from the table, without catching an edge or the rug being pulled out. Hallway runners need to show some floor on all sides, equal spacing.

If you are working with a small space let the color of the rug be in soft neutral tones or light shades. This will make your room appear more spacious. Deeper colors help to create a more intimate and cozy feeling.

It adds to the warmth of your room. Large or small rugs? Use a large rug topped with furniture in a casual setting, or a smaller rug surrounded by furniture for a finished more formal setting. Choosing a patterned rug? They are great for anchoring the color scheme of your room and unifying the space. Colorful and busy patterned rugs will also be slower in showing the wear and tear in high traffic areas.

Don’t get stuck with only rectangular rugs, be innovative and get custom made rug to suit the shape and size you desire. Square rugs can be a perfect finish to your living space, whereas circular or oval rugs create a sense of movement and are less structured. Whatever your choice rugs can add class, a splash of color and define an area adding a certain mood to the ambience.

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