Tips To Choose the Right Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting may not be a part of your interior in a classic sense. However it still plays a vital part in your end decoration picture and also in your home safety and security. Your home’s first impression is made from the outside. One of the first few things that people notice about the exterior are your light fixtures, so choose them right to make a favourable impression.

Tips To Choose the Right Outdoor Lighting

Tips To Choose the Right Outdoor Lighting

Here are a few tips for you to find the best outdoor lighting for your home:

Make Maximum Impact with Big Lights- The common mistake made while choosing the light fixtures for the outside is size, don’t go in for small size fixtures the builder uses them because they are cost effective. The front door is the most important feature of the house, as it creates the maximum impact on the guests. Show it off with a fancy and large light fixture to set it apart from the rest of homes on the block.

Choose the Color wisely- Choose a color that compliments and blends with the exterior color scheme. Bronzes are popular with earth tones and black can be used under different situations. White can be used against a dark background, but bronze is the most appropriate choice.

Keep the Architecture in Mind- When choosing your exterior light fixtures keep in mind the architectural structure of your home. Begin by choosing fixture for the main door and then choose others belonging to the same family to maintain consistency. About 60-75 watts of incandescent light per fixture or 20 watts LED lights is ideal for most light fixtures and post lanterns.

Where to Install- Exterior wall mounted lights should be mounted above the eye level on most houses depending on the height of your door. The most popular way to light the front door is to have identical fixtures on either side, or only one if your architecture dictates it. When installing only one, make sure you install it on the same side as the door knob so that the visitors face is not in the shadows. If the front door is under a porch or some cover then a hanging lantern would be ideal.

Innovate- Innovation, is the key to creating an impression in these trendy times, so try something different by placing lights in pots, on railings, planters, landscaping elements- to truly meld form and function. Post lanterns can be installed along the perimeter on the patio or deck, using pier mounts on the railing or wall or standard posts installed in the grounds. Have perimeter lights installed so that you can secure your home.

Maintain your fixtures well to make them last for years. Wipe bird droppings and other spills using a wet soft cloth – use plain water. Clean the fixtures on a monthly basis and use silicone car wax on them after the cleaning ritual. Whatever the outdoor type lighting type option you choose, ensure that it be LED energy saving light. This will help in energy saving and cutting down your power bills.

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