Tips for Seasonal Home Maintenance

Periodic maintenance of your home is very important so as to avoid frequent problems in future. Home maintenance involves the diagnosis of problems in your home and their resolution. Season changes and certain weather conditions can cause damage to your property.Whether it is a brand new apartment in Noida or an old ancestral home, all have to face the effects of weather changes. Too much heat, too much rain and even extreme cold can be damaging your house year after year. Tips for Seasonal Home MaintenanceSo pull up your socks and get ready to maintain and look after the repairs of your home according to the mood swings of Mother Nature.We all talk about ‘spring cleaning’, so this is not just the time to get rid of the clutter but to check for repairs and to be prepared for those rains and strong winds ahead.

  • If you live in an independent house, check for the gutters and drains in and around your house. If you live in an apartment, check the drains of your balconies, caulking of taps, etc.
  • Wash all windows inside and out and install window screens to keep all the insects out of the house. Summer comes and you can find the dust blowing all over which brings all the dust mites and allergens with it. Make sure your doors and windows are properly sealed so as to keep the dust out.
  • Pack away all the heavy winter stuff, rugs and carpets. Wash and change seasonal beddings. Bring in lighter duvets, sheets and covers.
  • Before rainy season, check for leakages to make sure that water doesn’t seep in and rain does not damage anything inside your house.
  • Touch up peeling paint; prune your plants. If you have a house with a garden, mow your lawn.
  • During fall and winter, check your water heaters and room heaters for faults before using them.
  • Maintain clean drains; remove dead leaves.

You can do a lot on your own or hire a home maintenance agency. They sign up a yearly contract and come regularly to help you with home cleaning and maintenance. This has become a common practice in big cities as you have someone looking after your home on regular basis.

Whatever be the season- spring summer or fall, if we take good care of your home regularly, we would have no problem. Make a checklist and after the first year you will become a pro in understanding your home. You will be able to understand what problems will come up in which season. Be prepared and enjoy the comfort in any season.