Tips to Follow before Giving a Metallic Theme to Your Home

Metallic theme is the king in interior designing and thus, it is highly trending. Renowned developers are introducing metallic elements to add a pinch of elegance to their Branded Residences in Noida. Another reason of giving the metallic look is that it is not only glamorous, but also durable. If you have also planned to give a metallic theme to your home, here are a few tips to give your home a unique charm.

Tips to Follow before Giving a Metallic Theme to Your Home

Keep it consistent- Sometimes, repetition appears to be freaky. But maintaining a particular theme is very important, when it comes to interior designing. If you have added a metallic furniture to your living room, try to bring the similar furniture for your kitchen, drawing room and other areas. You can also use similar color for the draperies, frame of the mirror, ceiling and carpet. However, do not keep everything in a same color throughout the room.

Follow Simplicity- Usually, people stick to a particular thing that they love. Always avoid following such practices as they can appear like a disaster. Similar is the case with metallic interiors; do not pile up the metal pieces within your home. Try to keep the variation in furniture, ceiling and mirror while decorating your room. You can also hire an expert before proceeding with renovations or setting up the new home.

For an example, if you are renovating your kitchen, replace the light pendants or bar stools instead of replacing entire tiles of the slab.

Get Creative- Creativity can bring freshness to every sluggish thing. Try to bring out all your creativity to add a life to every corner of your home. You can bring custom pieces and gold leaf foil printed stuff for decoration. As per the trend, there are many outlets that have been emerged with custom foil typographical, schematic art and quoted pieces. Adding a metallic bookshelf, coffee table and consoles to your room is also a great way.

Some top metallic pieces you can buy:

  • Wide Stripe Cushion in Gold

  • Matte White and Gold Decorative Bowl

  • Elle Cube Side Table in Brass Stainless Steel

  • Love Gold Foil Print

  • Lanie Floor Lamp in Ash/Copper

There are many more decor items that can be availed by either exploring the reputed outlets or online stores. You can also get the consultant advice before purchasing metallic decor stuff for your home.

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