Tips for Landlords to Stay Away from Tenant Injuries

Being a property owner and seeking a tenant for your property is a good combination to earn additional income. But, make sure you hire a well-mannered tenant as the bad one can make you witness the stress of Tenant Injury. This word is a bit new to the landlords in India but the concept is old and thus we here are listing several ways to deal with tenant injury. So, go through the entire blog post and understand the concept and tips to protect yourself from any such issue:

Tips for Landlords to Tenant

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1. Concept of Tenant Injury

A person accommodating your property as a tenant and his/her suffering from any destruction or displacement in the property is known as tenant injury. This can be of any type such as electrical dysfunctioning, breaking of a wall, falling off a roof or any other mishap.

A tenant can send a legal notice to the landlords and ask for the compensation in case he/she has a serious injury. These injuries are listed below in the article.

2. Landlord is Responsible for the Below-Mentioned Tenant Injuries:

  • The unmaintained veranda, open and storage spaces, improper railing and unsecured roof ceiling are the main cause of tenant injury and thus the landlord is directly responsible in case of any mishap occur due to this negligence.

  • Not-maintained common areas of the property.

  • The landlord is directly responsible for any mishap that can occur due to the damage or issue in the property which the property owner knows but is hidden from the tenant.

  • Landlord’s Negligence of repair even when alerted by the tenant.

3. Showcase of Proof Against Landlord

All tenants have a right to sue the landlord in case of mishap due to the broken staircase, ceiling and improper floor tile. Although, he/she lives in a rented accommodation is required to produce proof of breach under which the landlord can be held responsible.

4. Basics of Keeping Tenant Injury Away

The regular maintenance of a property, quick action on any serious damage to the property like ceiling leakage, broken floor tile, staircase and a railing. These corrective measures are the ways to stay away from any tenant injury issue.

5. List of Damages Tenant can Ask for:

In case of a serious health issue due to property damage, a tenant can ask for compensation to deal with them. The health issues like:

  • Medical expenses

  • Loss of earnings

  • Loss of belongings, if any

  • Physical and mental distress caused

Al these issues are required to be compensated by the landlord.