Ways to Cope with a Tiny Bathroom

We all don’t have luxury space in our bathrooms, but with a little creativity we can convert this little bathroom into a work of art. With urbanization and the apartment culture the homes are smaller, so one has to make the best use of available space trying to create an illusion of depth and dimension. Clever storage can help hide or help focus on your bits and pieces, it also helps in creating an illusion of space.

Ways to Cope with a Tiny Bathroom

Here are a few ways to make the most out of your small bathroom:

Create an illusion of height- Vertical lines can add height to a room by drawing the eye upwards. Extend tiles to the ceiling to make the room seem larger. Painting vertical stripes on the wall or using bathroom friendly wallpaper with vertical stripes or lines gives the illusion of a bigger room. Add a patterned border to the top will also help.

Lighting and Mirrors- Light and mirrors can create a spacious look if placed strategically. Mirrors add depth, width and length to a small room .Using mirrors can help distribute light through a room making it appear brighter. Clear shower screens give the illusion of extra space and light. A fully frameless shower screen doesn’t create visual barriers and works wonders for a small bathroom. Make use of direct light don’t block windows, consider a skylight.

Color Palette- Keep the color simple to make your room look spacious, dark colors give a cramped look. Use lighter shades like beige, cream, baby blue and eggshell on the walls and contrast with well-chosen tiles patterns and colors.

Tiles- Larger tiles create a sense of space. You will also require fewer tiles to cover your space. Show a lot of floor. The more floors you show, the more spacious it looks.

Be creative- Hanging bags, boxes, plastic shelves are a lot of storage options, which can be used to make your bathroom look trendy. Don’t clutter, but make storage spaces to display things in an attractive way. Mount storage jars and containers to the wall, so things like makeup pads, cotton wool balls can be displayed in these gorgeous jars.

Sliding doors are also great space savior. Display rather than conceal your essentials. A simple plywood shelf can look gorgeous filled with neatly filled rolled towels and bathroom necessities. Install shelves where they fit. Don’t forget the back of the door, over the door hanging storage racks.

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