This Independence Day, Seek Freedom From Your Landlord’s Tyranny

Sudhir, a Noida-based art director with an advertising company has been toying with the idea of buying his own house for a long time now. He and wife, both working with multinational companies have been staying a plush, apartment on lease for the past three years and now when Sudha is expecting to be a mother in a couple of months, they want their child to arrive in their new home.

Since both are earning, and earning well, putting down a deposit on their own dream house is not a pipe dream for the young couple. They have already figured out how they are going to manage it. One’s salary will pay the equated monthly installments (EMI) on the home loan, while the spouse’s salary will take care of their other monthly expenses. Both realize that the time to invest in a good property is now, because they get burdened with child care expenses, schooling fee etc.

This Independence Day, Seek Freedom From Your Landlord’s Tyranny

This Independence Day, Seek Freedom From Your Landlord’s Tyranny

Basically, we want freedom from the hassle of paying rent every month,” quips Sudha. “…And we are mighty kicked with the idea of booking our pad on August 15, the Independence Day. For us, it would mean freedom from our landlord’s tyranny,” she jibes.

The only worry is that most properties that they have checked out fall out of their budget. Until they consulted Investors Clinic. Within a week, they had the house under contract with no hassle. “Going by the way property prices are rising around Yamuna Expressway, this project, recommended by Investor Clinic, promises excellent returns on our investment,” says Sudhir.

The couple took a bank loan on a reasonable interest rate for a ready-to-move in two-bedroom apartment, with modular kitchen, all woodwork done, decorative lights, and attached balconies with every room, given by the builder and are all excited to move in into their new home on August 15.

“Isn’t it awesome! Our own home,” says an ecstatic Sudha and Sudhir nods his head in unison.

No more rent worries.

Happy Independence Day!

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