Things You Must Know Before You Start Growing Your Own Food

Wanting to plant a bud and have your own food garden? Well it is not impossible! Think about it- you open your kitchen door and walk out into your backyard which you have cultivated as your kitchen garden, and there you have your own strain growing from where you can pick and choose- Wow!

Things You Must Know Before You Start Growing Your Own Food

Things You Must Know Before You Start Growing Your Own Food

It is possible for anyone to grow their own food; you need not have a big sunny backyard to grow your own food, a windowsill or a balcony can also suffice. Certain food can be grown in the shade like blueberries and salad greens.

Small steps and starting small can go a long way- Everybody is not born with a green thumb, you can gradually learn, so start small and learn from your mistakes. Start with a few potted herbs, you may make mistakes and you can start again.

Good soil is one of the prime features- In order to grow vegetables you will need soil which is rich in nutrients, so you get a healthy harvest. Before you sow/plant anything make sure you have good soil and it should be organic. Add compost to the soil every spring so it remains healthy for a long period of time.

Gardening is not an overnight process- Just planting seeds is not the end of the process it is just the beginning, you have to nurture your plants like your own child, just like your kid needs to be looked after, fed, groomed so do your plants require pruning, thinning, harvesting and weeding for your garden to thrive.

You will also have to water your plants twice a day if you live in a hot dry climate. If you have a reasonably big backyard then you need to spend around 10hrs weekly in your garden. Even if you have a small garden in your balcony, even then a few hours a week are required to maintain a healthy garden, so be prepared to take care of your plants.

Vegetables grown in your own garden require proper cleaning before they are ready for consumption. The food from your garden may be free from pesticides but to eliminate the germs you need to wash the veggies properly.

You can grow a lot of food- Depending on the size of the area you can grow food to feed your own family. Carrots, greens, tomatoes, herbs etc. and you need not go to the store for these. Gardening has health benefits; organic gardening helps you obtain pesticide free food.

Gardening is a great stress buster and helps you get busy and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, more and more people are turning towards this so try it out for yourself.

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