The Low Cost Guide to Revitalizing Your Home

Fed up seeing the same old drab décor? You want to give your home a cosmetic facelift but at the same time it should be cost effective, so what do you do? It’s simple! You can do the needful yet not feel the pinch by following these tips. Smart home owners can look past a drab, dark room and find countless ways to illuminate it. Getting the right lighting for your home and a change in the colors will make a striking difference. Choosing lighter furniture and decorations can also make the room look spacious and bright.

The Low Cost Guide to Revitalizing Your Home

The Low Cost Guide to Revitalizing Your Home

House Plants- There is no better way to brighten your home than houseplants and fresh flowers. Both are an extension of the outdoors, bringing nature right inside your home. These also help to brighten up the place and add chic and style.

Paint- The least expensive way to brighten your home is with a fresh coat of paint. The perfect shade can cover any dents and dings which you have put in your wall and add glitz and glamour to the whole ambience. If you do not wish to paint the room only painting one wall can make the difference without changing the look of the room.

Change the Accessories- If you find that your rooms have become too boring change the décor, cover that couch with a colorful blanket or use contrasting colored cushions.

Rearrange The Furniture- The simplest and easiest way to revive a tired room. When you are moving the furniture make sure your placement does not hamper the advent of natural light.

Clean and Scrub- Give your home a clean scrubbed look, vacuum below sofas and give your floors and home along with the appliances a through cleansing and suddenly you will see the magical change in your home.

Lighten your load- After your cleaning throw away, put away or give away the things which are not needed or clutter up your home.

Let your home breathe- Open the windows air your home and let all the stale and dampness move out. See the difference and it didn’t cost you a dime.

Avoid Heavy Fabrics- Change those drab, dark heavy drapes replace them with something lighter and brighter and look what a world of a difference you see.

Mirrors- Another important way to make your home brighter and look spacious, they also give a very elegant look.

Throw Rugs- Use colorful rugs which compliment your décor, and not go against it.

Add some Artwork- Another way to liven up your home is to hang up some colorful artwork and paintings which match your décor color and will brighten up the ambience.

Paint or Polish your furniture- This will give a new lease of life to your old furniture and make the house look fresh and attractive.

Bring some changes in your bathroom- Changing the accessories is a great way to breathe life in your bathroom. Replace your old shower curtains and add new colorful towels, add a bath rug, some scented candles and artwork and there you have created a whole new look.

Declutter your home, clean it and air it- some of these simple jobs do not cost anything and yet they make the world of a difference.

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