The Essentials of a ‘Luxury Home’

Every other real estate billboard on the highways is about ‘Luxury Homes’. But have you ever wondered what gives a project the title of a ‘luxury home’? No, the ostentatious facade does not make it luxury, it is a lot more than that. A combination of a few elements compiled together make a home lavish and give it the status symbol everyone runs after. Today we will talk about some such elements.

The Essentials of a ‘Luxury Home’

The Essentials of a ‘Luxury Home’


Yes, size does matter, especially a lot in the real estate world. The first thing about luxury homes is the size. It usually starts with 3 BHK and can go upto 6 BHK for a villa like construction. Attached washrooms, balconies with every room and vast hall spaces are needed to brand a home as luxury. Garage, a state-of-the-art kitchen island and dining hall along with servant’s room are some of the modern definitions given to a luxury home.

Height of the Rooms

The floor to ceiling height also matters to grant that status symbol to the luxury projects. It should practically be more than 12 feet for a luxury home. It is one of the most important criteria to be fulfilled, otherwise the project cannot be classified as luxury.

Security Features

One does not splurge on a luxury home to get the old conventional features. Something extraordinarily modern is a must. State-of-the-art security measures are offered in the homes such as CCTV surveillance, video door phone, round the clock personnel supervision, etc.

Posh Location

Location is very important for ultra-luxury homes. You would not want to live in a palatial home located in a crowded middle-class area. A sophisticated neighbourhood boasts of good connectivity across the city, green surrounding, proximity to the airport and adequate availability of all civic amenities. Living in a classy neighbourhood surrounded by the homes of well-known people is everybody’s dream.

Lavish Amenities

Once all the above criteria is fulfilled, then comes the amenities. Swimming pools and gymnasium are now available in all projects. The amenities that classify as luxury include infinity pool, spa, jacuzzi, barbeque pit, wine cellars and custom-made outdoor kitchens and patios. Inbuilt heating and cooling systems are also provided in some of the projects.

Class and Quality

It is true that class comes with a better quality and with the brand name that is attached to the project. Luxury homes boast of a high quality construction and design by international architects and planners. This professional difference adds to the luxury factor as well as to the cost of these projects.

Luxury homes have a professional difference from the traditional non-luxury projects and this is what defines them. The extra price is paid for these luxuries and it is well worth it.

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