Steps to Take When a Tenant Refuses to Vacate Your Property

Renting your property is a good way of adding some more dimes to your kitty, but at times it can create problems when your tenant becomes tenacious and refuses to vacate your home. If that happens, what do you do or to whom do you turn and ask for help?

You really need to do complete research and a background check of the person to whom you are renting out your house. To learn about them is as important to you as it is for people living in close proximity with them. Take your time while renting, don’t trust brokers blindly as they are only trying to make a fast buck. If you go through a broker see that they are a reputed and have some standing in the market. It is always wise to be safe than to be sorry later on.

Steps to Take When a Tenant Refuses to Vacate Your Property

Steps to Take When a Tenant Refuses to Vacate Your Property

The important thing for all owners to know is that if your tenant refuses to vacate after his lease has expired or his tenure over, that it is useless going to the police for help as this is a civil matter. In such rental cases it is always advisable to hire the best rental lawyers to approach the courts and the property will only be vacated if the judgement is in your favor. This is the reason why you have to be cautious before renting out, so as to avoid prolonged legal hassles.

Rent out to known families or people who have a sound background. Before renting you can follow the tips given below to avoid further complications:

Do A Complete Background Check-When renting out, don’t get fooled by their façade of a small happy family, find out if their previous landlords were happy or did they have rows with them? Check out the address that they furnish at the time of signing the agreement, their office address, phone numbers etc.

Police Verification-It is mandatory by law to get your tenants verified at the local police station. If you do not follow this procedure you can be punished as per the Indian Penal Code. It is the responsibility of the landlord to provide all the information of the tenant on the police verification form. This simple step eliminates having tenants with criminal backgrounds.

Lease Agreement Registration-You need this document if your tenant will stay for more than the 11 months period. This document contains all the information as to the rent payable, tenure, deposit amount, any other clauses that can result in cancellation of the lease, penalty application if the tenant refuses to vacate, etc.

If your tenants refuse to move make sure you comply with all the local tenant notice laws, give them the proper written notice after you have discussed it with them. This will ensure they vacate the property on time and leave it in proper condition. If they still don’t vacate filing a UD eviction suit may be the only option. Just make sure you give proper eviction notices so your suit may not linger on. The longer they stay you lose so by far having them move out should be your priority as you can rent your house again. Last but not the least, don’t forget to stay organized, it will make the unpacking go faster and keep your stress levels low. Stick to the tips given and your new home or apartment will be completely unpacked, it’s as easy as that.

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