Ten Things You Need To Know About the ‘City of Nawabs’ Lucknow

Lucknow- the city of Nawabs- defines etiquette and civility in the most august manner. Lucknow situated along the banks of River Gomti is not only famous for its ‘tehzeeb’ but also for its culture, music, art and poetry. The Nawabs of Lucknow, actually the Nawabs of Awadh, best remembered for their refined and extravagant lifestyle, were great patrons of art and architecture. It is also the Heritage City of India with a lot of monuments, attracting a lot of tourists.

Ten Things You Need To Know About the ‘City of Nawabs’ Lucknow

Ten Things You Need To Know About the ‘City of Nawabs’ Lucknow

1-The Gomti River meanders through the city and divides it into the Trans Gomti and Cis Gomti regions.

2-Lucknow has been an integral part of the iconic Revolt of 1857. It was one of the most important political centers of its time. It is now also the main administrative center of the Utter Pradesh Government.

3-It is a city of parks and important monuments, and comes under the wing of the Heritage Cities of India.

4-The City of Nawabs is intellectually rich. It is a proud producer of some of the most famous poets and scholars. Many popular educational institutes are present here.

5-For a very long time Lucknow has been the center of music and art and thus some of the most renowned artists belong to this talented city.

6-It is famous for its exquisite cuisine. It is renowned for its delicacies and mouthwatering chaats.

7-The city is a shopper’s paradise, famous for its Chickan work and Jhumkas and bangles.

8-The economy of Lucknow is booming at a great pace, making it a potential IT hub of North India. It is also one of the fastest job creating cities of India.

9-The city is seeing fast development in infrastructure and real estate.

10-Ever since Lucknow was selected as one of the Smart Cities, a slew of infrastructure and housing projects have been announced by the state government. Also, NRIs are looking forward to Invest in Indian Smart Cities. Realty experts believe that the year 2016 will begin with a positive note for the city and it will see a boom in sale and an improvement in the sale of unsold inventories.

The realty sector is having a field day in this city, because apartment culture is on the rise in Nawabi Lucknow. Lucknow has become the hub for real estate in UP. The city is attracting developers because of its large land bank which needs sustained development. After housing the commercial and retail sector has a great presence in the city. The city will touch new heights in real estate development. Lucknow as a city has lots to offer, maybe in manners, culture, shopping, real estate and job opportunities, a new destination to reckon with and soon an investor’s paradise.

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