Give your boring wall a new look with these designer ideas

Walls are one element which is always given very less attention especially during decorating their home. People spend a huge amount of money in order to give their house the best interior look, on the other hand, walls are just used to hang antiques, frames and small furniture item. So, don’t you think it’s high time you must think a little out of the box to give your mundane walls some designer and unique look?

Wall decor ideas

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Yes, with a little extra effort, you can dress up your wall with these designer wall ideas. Let’s take a look at some of the creative ideas:

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Go Creative with Your Big Blank Wall

When you see that big blank wall in your home, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? You might think of making it a statement wall by painting it in a different shade and hanging a huge artwork. You could also think of making it a gallery wall and put framed moments of your life. These are some common ideas to decorate the big blank wall. But what if we ask you to step out of the box, get inspired by everything and put creativity on your wall.

Go Creative with Your Big Blank Wall

Go Creative with Your Big Blank Wall

We have compiled a few offbeat ideas to help you add personality to your blank wall-

Framed Wallpaper- Wallpapers are the most popular ways to decorate a blank wall. But that doesn’t mean that you must use it in the conventional way. Cut out parts of wallpaper and put them into chic frames. Hang or stick these framed wallpapers on the wall with a decor item over it or maybe just blank. This creative take with wallpapers looks chic and sophisticated for a bedroom. [Read more…]