How to Keep Your Plant Healthy for a Long Time

In our previous blogs, we have already talked a lot about the basic steps of gardening and how to choose the right indoor plant for your home. But a point we missed out on before was how to keep the plants alive and blooming for a long time. Most of the apartment dwellers complain that even after much care, the plants end up dying. It is really sad and heartbreaking to throw away your favorite plants one after another.How to Keep Your Plant Healthy for a Long Time

To keep your indoor plants happy and healthy for a longer span, follow these tips:

Let the Light In- Natural light is a necessity for the plants to stay healthy inside the house. The need for sunlight differs from plant to plant. So you have to do a little research about plant species regarding their sunlight requirements. Some plants need no natural light, some moderate and some pretty much of it. So plan it accordingly.

Know the Humidity Level- A proper humidity level is also important for the indoor plants. You need to assess the humidity level of your area and choose the plants accordingly. You can also add artificial moisture by placing gravels at the bottom of the pot and then putting it in a water dish. This maintains the required humidity level.

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