Check out top areas to buy ready to move in homes in Mumbai

With a mix of both luxury and affordable segment, Mumbai’s residential real estate market has always attracted homebuyers towards itself. In recent times, many launches took place in the suburban areas of the city. Still, Mumbaikars are more attracted towards ready-to-move-in properties rather than under-construction or the newly-launched one located across areas of Navi Mumbai, Thane, and other suburban areas.

buy ready to move in homes in Mumbai

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So, check out top areas to buy ready to move in homes in Mumbai and other suburban areas:

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Thane (Mumbai) Property Price Trends: Several Peaks and Troughs on the Graph

If you go a few years back, the Eastern suburbs of Mumbai and the Thane City didn’t even exist on the map of Mumbai’s real estate market. But now the infrastructure development has completely transformed its skyline. Being a smaller municipal council, Thane exhibits a better planning and management. Good connectivity with the eastern as well as western suburbs is what attracts most of the investors and end users to the Residential Property in Thane. Starting from Thane and going all the way to Ghatkopar, the Eastern Express highway solves the traffic issues to a larger extent.

Thane (Mumbai) Property Price Trends Several Peaks and Troughs on the Graph

Like any other locality of Mumbai, the price trend graph of Thane also shows many peaks and troughs. The latest updates of Investors Clinic price trends graph suggest that the average property price for Thane is Rs 9,368 per square feet. The prices shot up in Jan ‘15 and Apr ‘15 and witnessed a fall in February and March of the same year. After it picked up pace in April, it couldn’t stay consistent and came down again in May and June, thus coming at the average figure of July 2015. [Read more…]