Smart Homes Market to Grow by 30% Yearly

In this era where you can do the chores on the click of a button, everything has become easier in its advanced virtual form. And so home technology is also smarter than ever. The ultra-rich who can afford a more convenient lifestyle with the help of technology prefer to live in a home that offers all such advantages. Smart Homes can comprehensively perform all functions of the house integrated to a common interface device which may be a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. The demand for smart homes is rapidly rising in the market given the conveniently modern lifestyle they offer.

Smart Homes Market to Grow by 30 Percent Yearly

Smart Homes Market to Grow by 30 Percent Yearly

A survey was conducted by AZ Research Partners, Bangalore on behalf of Schneider Electrics India among the buyers as well as builders of premium residential complexes starting from 50 Lakh to 5 Crore and above. The research concluded that the smart homes market in India is going to double in revenue every three years. A year-on-year growth of 30% is expected in the market. The high level of awareness among the people of metros and upper-end segments of tier II cities has led to such tremendous growth in the sector. [Read more…]

Smart Homes: ‘Technology’ is the New ‘Luxury’

Technology has made everything rise above their physical forms and be available on several virtual platforms. Everything from paying bills to buying cars can now be done at the click of a button. Real estate has also become advanced and Smart Cities in India have also come up. The new name given to these technologically efficient homes is ‘Smart Homes’. Smart homes are not only a rising trend in the market but also the need of the hour. What are Smart Homes?

Smart Homes ‘Technology’ is the New ‘Luxury’

A Smart Home is a technologically intelligent house. It offers a comprehensive network of integrated devices that are used to monitor and control your home functions connected with a single operation interface which may be a mobile, tablet or even PC. It offers an integrated solution for communication, entertainment and security functions of your home. The mundane tasks of your home can be carried out even when you are not physically present at that location. Drawing the curtains, watering plants, heating or cooling the swimming pool water, switching the light on or off- all this can be done remotely. [Read more…]