Guest Room Décor- How to make it More Welcoming?

Everybody does not have a big house but we all try to mark a room as the guest room. Big or small, making it cozy and comfortable is in your hands. Your overnight guests do not expect 5-Star treatment but you sure want to be a good host on your end. So, the least you can do is to make them feel cozy and comfortable and provide them with the basic things they need.

The first and most important feature is the size of your room. Even if you do not have a big room, try to adjust the size of the bed or sofa cum bed so as to make the room look bigger. Mind the drapes; make sure they open and close smoothly and do not hang down shabbily. You need not have an ultra-chic guest bedroom as the rest of your house. Make the décor more mainstream, so that guests from different lifestyles may find it comfortable.Guest Room Décor- How to make it More WelcomingAnother very important item is the bedside table which serves as the main station for a visitor’s stuff like watch, glasses, etc. A side table with shelves would be a better idea. You can place some books and magazines for your guests to browse through. If possible, you can also fix a TV set for the comfort of your guests. Make the room more homely and cozy by putting a lot of pillows and throwaway cushions. So having done this and looking around your handiwork, what else is needed? A simple chair can also do wonders to the décor of your room.
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