Senior Citizen Housing Projects: Emerging Trend in India

Nowadays, senior citizens have become self-dependent and want to live an independent life. Unlike how it was a few decades back, the post retirement scenario has totally changed now. Elderly people don’t need the support of their kins; they pursue their hobbies and enjoy life in their golden years.Senior Citizen Housing Projects Emerging Trend in India

Seeing the increasing demand for a better lifestyle among retires, a number of developers are coming up with senior citizen centric housing project. These projects have come out as viable options both from investment and end-use. In order to encourage community living in their sunset years, developers launch these housing projects for them. 

The main focus of senior citizen housing projects is on the needs and requirements of these old age people. With growing age the need for seeking someone’s help also increases. The projects cater to all these requirements. Some of the extra facilities offered in these projects include:

  • House Keeping Services

  • Passageways for wheelchairs

  • Emergency response system

  • Grab Rails in slippery areas

  • First aid services

  • Doctors and nurses within campus

  • Proximity to hospitals

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