Greater Noida- Why is it a Good Residential Destination?

Greater Noida is a city of the future, offering a great lifestyle. Living here is like living in a prime suburban neighbourhood with big homes, large rooms amidst open spaces that encompass lawns, gardens and driveways. Besides this, there are 24×7 supplies of power, water and fresh air.
Greater Noida- Why is it a Good Residential DestinationThe six lane expressway to Greater Noida and an uncongested pollution free environment with world-class modern facilities makes it a perfect place for living.
Greater Noida has left Gurgaon behind when it comes to the pace of development and the absorption of residential units in new launch projects. Greater Noida is a planned and a smart city. Wider roads with service lanes are available. All cabling and utility services runs underground like the veins and capillaries of the city. It is planned to have excellent connectivity to other parts of the region using metro roads and rails. Systematic infrastructure and good development with planned and well-developed residential projects together makes it a good location to settle in.  [Read more…]