Delhi Master Plan Review: Get Residential and Commercial Units in Hotel Premises

Ever thought of living in a hotel, not for a day or two, but actually like a home in a hotel? This dream of yours might come true. The ministry of urban development of Delhi has come up with a brilliant idea under its review of Delhi Master Plan- 2021. Hotels will be allowed to use 40% of their Floor Area Ratio (FAR) for other purposes like commercial, retail and for residential purposes as well. However, the residential part will only be allotted an FAR of 20% of the total.Delhi Master Plan Review Get Residential and Commercial Units in Hotel PremisesFor the readers who do not know what FAR is, here is a brief description. Floor Area Ratio is the total area of all the floors of the building divided by the total area of the plot on which the building is erected. Every locality has its own FAR set by the municipal authorities and the developers have to follow the same while planning and constructing their projects. Builders coming up with Real Estate in Noida have to follow the FAR listed by the municipal authority of that locality. Lesser is the FAR, more can be the number of floors in a particular building. [Read more…]