Benefits of Owning Property Jointly by Married Couple

The marriage is an institution where two people agree to stand by each other during good and the bad times in life. In fact, the married people have better savings and investment options.  And what’s better than buying a home for these accomplishing these two purposes.

Owning Property Jointly by Married Couple

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Yes, jointly owning property has multiple benefits which a couple can avail irrespective of the fact that one person is working and other is a dependent. So, take a look at the advantages of jointly owning property which you can avail as a married couple.

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Sole Benefits of Buying Property in the Wife’s Name

The property purchase is a big thing as keep monetary issues, future security, social circle and your financial status at a stake. Therefore, people take a lot of time for searching a right home. But, many people spoil the deal by deciding to buy the property in their name. This can cause the property a bit costlier than the original value. Definitely, buying a home is no less than achieving something really big in life and also it is a key to happiness for the couples. Therefore it is important to understand the fact you can enjoy more perks by owning a property in your spouse’s name.

Buying Property in the Wife’s Name

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Yes, buy a home in your wife’s name and bear the joy of being a property owner. Here we have listed the benefits of buying property in wife’s name.

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6 Factors That Affect Reality Boom In Future

The property market witnesses highs and lows more than any other industry. Thus, insecurity lies in the mind of the clients while investing in this sector. However, people depend upon the market gurus for predictions regarding the boom in the real estate sector. But, have you ever noticed the logic on which market predicts the future trends? If no, then you must take notice of the points listed here.

The increase in property rates depends on various reasons. Thus, you as a buyer should also have an idea about the pros and cons of the particular region. Of course, the common people might not know the in-depth details of the reality sector. But, assessing some generic points proves beneficial to understand the factors that affect reality boom in future.


Take a look at certain conditions that affect the reality boom in the near future. Also, this post will also give you an overview of when to invest in the real estate market.

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Ministry Nod to Jewar International Airport brings Good News for Noida Real Estate

Living in Noida and having a job that requires you to travel to other countries quite often can be a frustrating combination. The only airport of Delhi- Indira Gandhi International Airport- is an hour and a half long drive. Commuting to and fro from a distance so far is really hectic. But it would no longer be a problem.

The ministry has finally given a nod to the new international airport Jewar in Greater Noida. The plan was passed much before but it was stalled due to regulatory delays. But now the same has been resolved. The land has been occupied and the construction work for the airport will be started soon enough. This is a good news for those living in Noida and Greater Noida as well as for the real estate industry in general.

Jewar is located along Yamuna Expressway which is a 165 km long stretch connecting Greater Noida to Agra. The infrastructure around the area has already started to reach the next level and this kick-start is due to the airport announcement. The extended surroundings of Greater Noida will also witness new launch of residential and commercial properties. [Read more…]

Noida home buyers will finally get possession of 50k awaited flats

Good news for Noida home buyers! A final notification is on its way to resolve the matter of demarcating and securing the eco-sensitive zone around Okhla Bird Sanctuary. This issue created a major hurdle for homebuyers to get possession of their flats.

As reported by the Times of India, Noida MP Mahesh Sharma held a meeting with Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar. He made an announcement that the Center has finalized the no-construction zone at a radius of ‘100 metres’ around the Okhla Bird Sanctuary. A final notification regarding the same will be released in the next few days. [Read more…]

Real Estate Bill: What’s in it for the buyers?

Real Estate Bill: What’s in it for the buyers?Recently, the Modi Government amended the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill 2013. Previously, the bill was only meant to safeguard the interests of residential home buyers. However, the approved changes in the bill incline it in the favor of the buyers and investors as well as the developers and cater to industrial and commercial properties as well.

The bill brought forward the issue of contract enforceability and made it clear to the developers that if they do not honor the contracts they have entered into, they must refund the amount to the buyers along with interests and other charges. Each state will have its own real estate regulator and all the commercial and residential properties will be registered with the regulator. Unregistered properties will not be considered genuine. Nor can the developers advertise or launch projects without registration. However, real estate projects that have already been launched will be covered. [Read more…]

How to Secure Yourself from Real Estate Scams

How to Secure Yourself from Real Estate ScamsAt a time when customers are being given a huge number of Real estate focused messages that are directed towards enticing them to make that buying decisions, scams do exist and there are some schemes that are being run by fraudsters. As a result, a customer has to be very alert and extra careful while making that all important decision to invest in real estate.

And hence, we suggest that before you invest your money, particularly with real estate, make sure to read these tips on how to prevent such a scam in real estate from happening. [Read more…]