Categorizing Luxury in the Indian Real Estate Market

The real estate market of India has undeniably shown a tremendous growth in the past few years. Simultaneously, luxury homes have surpassed the expectations of the buyers by offering an international living standard.

When it comes to defining luxury homes, gone are the days when their standard was judged on the basis of integrated facilities. The time has come when apart from modern amenities, the buyers are looking forward for a branded address and much more. The primary reason of such preferences is that the residents of India are getting influenced by international lifestyle. However, on the basis of preferences, the real estate builders are defining luxury in various categories.

Categorizing Luxury in the Indian Real Estate Market

These are as follows:

Branded Homes:- Indian real estate developers are getting associated with the reputed brands to offer a premium property. For example, Home & Soul collaborated with Fashion TV and launched branded residence in the name of F Premier in Greater Noida. Similarly, there are many more reputed builders that are emerging with the branded residences to offer a quality living standard. [Read more…]

Why it makes sense to become a ‘first home buyer’ today

Why it makes sense to become a ‘first home buyer’ todayAs the saying goes – when the times get tough, it is indeed the right time for the tough to get going.

Given the fact that the India’s real estate market is going through a tough phase, the first home buyer activity in the market is quite low, but experts close to the real estate market say that this is the right time to venture out and make your first home buying deal as customers stand chance of getting pretty attractive offers in this scenario.

Today there is a set of pressing conditions such as the bank interest rates that is impacting the number of first home buyers in the market, however this is likely to change fast as the government seems to be moving in the right direction towards initiating a reduction in bank interest rates. [Read more…]