Ready to move housing units attracts homebuyers in Dubai

Dubai has always remained a realty hotbed amongst most of the hi-end homebuyers who want to invest here. Reason being, a sound infrastructure, well-developed connectivity, and timely delivery of projects that attract home buyers to come and buy property here. This has led to the launch of several projects in Dubai.

Dubai Housing Units

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Financial Implication: Under Construction vs Ready to Move in

One of the main questions that confuses a first-time home-buyer is whether he should buy a home in a ready-to-move-in project or make a booking in an under-construction project. Both the options have their own pros and cons.
Financial Implication: Under Construction vs Ready to Move inAs the name suggests, an under-construction property is one that is still in the development process and is not fit for immediate move in. The main issue related to the under construction property is the delay in completion of the project. The project may be delayed due to any reason, the most prevalent are those related to financial consequences and litigation issues. In case of ready to move in properties, you do not have to suffer the risk of delay. You get immediate value for money. [Read more…]