Property Price Trends: How Noida Performed over the Last One Year?

When it comes to real estate in North India, Noida is the city that immediately pops in our mind. Noida was initially known for the affordable nature of its residential real estate, gradually it moved into the luxury housing market and now the city is walking hand-in-hand with Gurgaon in the field of commercial real estate also. Like any other property market, Noida has also seen several ups and downs in its property price trends. In this post, we will talk about how property price trends have changed in Noida over the last one year.

Property Price Trends How Noida Performed over the Last One YearAfter a pretty stable price graph till July 2014, the circle rates and property prices in the city started to move north in August. The average price jumped by more than 8% in September and reached 4,289 per sq ft. However, it again showed a downward trend till November. Picking up an upward pace again, the property prices have not gone down ever since. As per the Price Trend Graphs of Investors Clinic, the current price in the city’s real estate market is reckoned at Rs 4,291 per sq ft.

Property Price Trends in Noida

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